The team of Professor Xiao Rui from Southeast University made important progress in the direction of micro-energy recycling

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Besides, the ingenious design of the condensing device has achieved high-efficiency all-weather water generation by water absorption at night and water generation at daytime (as shown in Fig. 2).

Fig. 2: Water Generation Performance of Waste Cornstalksvs Air Humidity

In addition, the clean energy team used cheap commercial inks ingeniously to control the surface properties of the waste straws, thereby generating electricity up to 600mV in a continuous manner while the waste straws were absorbing air humidity; besides, the team designed and prepared an integrated device for water purification and electricity generation. The electrical energy as generated by the device in the course of water purification can drive electronic calculators and other electronic equipment, which has verified the potential application of such device as a micro-energy generator, as shown in Fig. 3.

Fig. 3: Micro-energy Generation through Utilization of Air Humidity by Waste Straws

This research has provided a new direction for high-value utilization of solid wastes and micro-energy recycling. It is expected to provide a reliable power supply system for the low-power consumption devices involved in IoT, and also expected to solve the problem of reliable power supply in geographically remote areas and extreme environments. This research is supported by “the Ministry of Science and Technology’s Key R&D Program” and SEU’s “Perfect Scholars Program”. In recent years, Professor Xiao Rui and Teacher Gong Feng have guided undergraduates to achieve a series of research results, and related research results have been published in Nano Energy (2 papers), Journal of Materials Chemistry A, Chemical Engineering Journal and other internationally renowned academic journals.

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